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Date Description Ladies Price Large Price
2018-01-08 Spaghetti bolognese with carrot sticks R35 R45
2018-01-09 Potato and sausage cheesy bake with peas R35 R45
2018-01-10 Chicken and veg bean casserole with rice. R35 R45
2018-01-11 Macaroni and cheese pasta with cocktail roll R35 R45
2018-01-12 Mini chicken burgers with potato wedges R35 R45
2018-01-15 Crumbed chicken strips with a cheese sauce served with mash and sweet corn R35 R45
2018-01-16 Pork and veg noodle stir fry R35 R45
2018-01-17 Cheesy chicken quesedillas with a cucumber and tomato salad R35 R45
2018-01-18 Pork sausage pasta with cauliflower R35 R45
2018-01-19 Baked spud with mince and cheeses topping served with mixed veg R35 R45
2018-01-22 Creamy bolognaise pasta bake with cucumber slices R35 R45
2018-01-23 Mini beef and mushroom pie with sweet carrots R35 R45
2018-01-24 Crumbed chicken strips with chips and cheese sauce R35 R45
2018-01-25 Cottage pie with potato topping and mixed veg R35 R45
2018-01-26 Chicken and bacon wrap with green salad R35 R45
2018-01-29 Grilled chicken strips with roasted baby potatoes and green beans R35 R45
2018-01-30 Sticky chicken and veg noodle stirfry R35 R45
2018-01-31 Tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake with steamed veg R35 R45