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Date Description Standard Price Large Price Extra Large Price
2019-01-01 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-02 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-03 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-04 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-07 Minestrone stew served with raison yellow rice and green peas R85 R160 R300
2019-01-08 Slow cooked red lentil & cauliflower curry served with a side dish of quinoa and oven roasted veggies R85 R160 R300
2019-01-09 Butternut squash macaroni served with a side of greek salad and vegan bread rolls R85 R160 R300
2019-01-10 Zucchini spaghetti pomodoro served with a sundried tomato & olive salad and fruit of the day R85 R160 R300
2019-01-11 Spanish chickpea & spinach stew served with brown rice and sliced pineapple R85 R160 R300
2019-01-14 Lentil and black bean chilli served with boiled new potatoes and a peppadew salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-15 Spicy vegan lasagne served with vegan rolls and steamed broccoli R85 R160 R300
2019-01-16 Vegetable moussaka served with steamed cauliflower and fruit of the day R85 R160 R300
2019-01-17 Vegetarian meatballs served with mashed potat and baby marrow rounds R85 R160 R300
2019-01-18 Spinach and lentil cannaloni served with sweet potato gratin and gem squash R85 R160 R300
2019-01-21 Stuffed risotto peppers served with roasted butternut and corn on the cob R85 R160 R300
2019-01-22 Vegetarian pasta served with steamed patty pans and grilled mushrooms R85 R160 R300
2019-01-23 Mushroom tagine with pine nuts served with yellow rice and an israeli salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-24 Vegetable wrap with guacamole served with sliced pineapples and a green salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-25 Lemon fettuccine alfredo served with sweet carrots and steamed zucchini R85 R160 R300
2019-01-28 Veg white bean burger served with vegan rolls and a green salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-29 Vegan chilli con carne served with mashed cinnamon pumpkin and sliced pineapple R85 R160 R300
2019-01-30 Green veg curry with sweet potato and eggplant served with mushroom fried rice and fresh fruit R85 R160 R300
2019-01-31 Vegan sherpards pie served with sauteed green beans and sliced avocado R85 R160 R300