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Date Description Ladies Price Large Price
2017-07-03 veronike test R69 R89
2017-07-04 test agin R69 R89
2017-07-05 and again R69 R89
2017-07-06 again R69 R89
2017-07-07 one more time R69 R89
2017-07-10 maybe one more R69 R89
2017-07-11 R69 R89
2017-07-12 R69 R89
2017-07-13 R69 R89
2017-07-14 R69 R89
2017-07-17 R69 R89
2017-07-18 R69 R89
2017-07-19 R69 R89
2017-07-20 R69 R89
2017-07-21 R69 R89
2017-07-24 R69 R89
2017-07-25 R69 R89
2017-07-26 R69 R89
2017-07-27 R69 R89
2017-07-28 R69 R89
2017-07-31 Asiago chicken zucchini pasta served with coleslaw and a green salad R69 R89
2018-07-02 Minestrone stew served with white rice and steamed broccoli R75 R95
2018-07-03 Stuffed brown mushrooms (spinach and peppadews) served with sliced avo and steamed seasonal veggies R75 R95
2018-07-04 Aloo gobi bake served with a cucumber mushroom salad and sweet carrots R75 R95
2018-07-05 Veg ratatouille with fluffy brown rice and corn on the cob R75 R95
2018-07-06 Noodle veg stir fry served with green salad and fruit of the day R75 R95
2018-07-09 Spinach and corn quiche served with a three bean salad and grilled thyme garlic mushrooms R75 R95
2018-07-10 Spicy veg pasta served with sliced pineapples and vegan rolls R75 R95
2018-07-11 Bell peppers with mushroom and rice, served with cinnamon pumkin and green bean salad R75 R95
2018-07-12 Lentil potato bake served with roasted baby marrows and beetroot salad R75 R95
2018-07-13 Open veg burger served with a green salad and roasted crispy potato wedges R75 R95
2018-07-16 Spicy mushroom spaghetti with garlic, nuts and rasins served with pumpkin and fruit of the day R75 R95
2018-07-17 Black bean risotto served with roast butternut and a tomato basil salad R75 R95
2018-07-18 Veg moussaka served with cauliflower fritters and a fruit salad R75 R95
2018-07-19 Chickpea fallafel balls with wraps, guacomole and salsa R75 R95
2018-07-20 Mushroom stew with pine nuts served with yellow rice and roasted thyme tomatoes R75 R95
2018-07-23 Brinjal and bean stuffed tomato served with pasta salad and roasted butternut R75 R95
2018-07-24 Thai coconut vegetable curry with sambals and brown rice R75 R95
2018-07-25 Pasta carbonara served with wilted spinach and a melon salad R75 R95
2018-07-26 Vegetarian meatballs served with cauli mash and cinnamon pumkin R75 R95
2018-07-27 Tomato basil pasta with cocktail rolls and an asian cucumber salad R75 R95
2018-07-30 Mushroom stew with cashew nuts served with yellow rice and roasted veg R75 R95
2018-07-31 Vegan lasange served with fresh rolls and fruit of the day R75 R95