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Date Description Standard Price Large Price Extra Large Price
2019-01-01 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-02 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-03 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-04 R85 R160 R300
2019-01-07 Rice & mince married meatballs in curried pomodoro served with mashed sweet potato and broccoli cheese sauce R85 R160 R300
2019-01-08 Old fashioned chicken stew served with white rice and bacon green beans R85 R160 R300
2019-01-09 Beef masala & scalloped potato casserole bake served with oven butternut and creamed spinach R85 R160 R300
2019-01-10 Cajun grilled Chicken Fillets with rosemary & lemon served with chunky sweet potato chips and corn on the cob R85 R160 R300
2019-01-11 Grilled pork ribs served with a potato salad and a three bean salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-14 Chicken saltimbucca with spinach served with a potato bake & green salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-15 Beef medallions in a madagascar peppercorn and brandy sauce, served with a pasta salad and an apricot salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-16 Pork steaks with a mustard flavoured sauce served with potato wedges and a cucumber salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-17 Rosemary chicken tagine served with mashed potatoes and cheesy gems R85 R160 R300
2019-01-18 Swedish meatballs served with savoury rice and roasted summer veggies R85 R160 R300
2019-01-21 Tuscan chicken fettuccine served with cheesy baked asparagus and a green salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-22 Homemade ossobucco served with polenta rounds and green peas R85 R160 R300
2019-01-23 Traditional fried hake fillets with tartare sauce served with potato wedges and a pumpkin & feta salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-24 Beef lasagne served with bread rolls and a lettuce free greek salad R85 R160 R300
2019-01-25 Chicken thighs in a spicy lemon & herb sauce served with fried rice and lemon zucchini R85 R160 R300
2019-01-28 Moussaka served with cinnamon pumpkin and cashew green beans R85 R160 R300
2019-01-29 Linguine carbonara with pancetta & cauliflower served with a crunchy broccoli salad and crispy cheese sticks R85 R160 R300
2019-01-30 Chicken cordon bleu with a creamy garlic sauce served with roasted new potatoes & creamed spinach R85 R160 R300
2019-01-31 Grilled steak with gremolata served with a tomato & pasta salad and cooked turnip greens R85 R160 R300