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Date Description Ladies Price Large Price
2018-11-01 Cajun chicken thighs with a mild cajun & parmesan sauce served with potato croquettes & mixed roasted veggies R75 R95
2018-11-02 Grilled rump with a monkey gland sauce served with sweet potato wedges and stuffed gems R75 R95
2018-11-05 Rosemary chicken topped with mushrooms and served with potato gratin and onion green beans R75 R95
2018-11-06 Beef canalloni topped with bechamel & parmesan served with foccacio squares and a broccoli & apple salad R75 R95
2018-11-07 Traditional pork bangers in onion gravy served with mashed potato and creamed peas R75 R95
2018-11-08 Bombay beef curry served with jasmine rice and sambals R75 R95
2018-11-09 Chicken fillets layered with bacon rashers, peppadew, mozarella & sweet chilli, served with potato wedges & a green salad R75 R95
2018-11-12 Grilled chicken fillets with a parmesan & bacon sauce served with mashed potato and a cranberry & feta salad R75 R95
2018-11-13 Fish cakes with a lemon flavoured sauce served with baked potato and a greek salad R75 R95
2018-11-14 Moroccan rubbed chicken skewers with tartare sauce served with spicy savoury rice and a cucumber salad R75 R95
2018-11-15 Meditaranean beef penne (oregano, garlic, capsicums, olives & feta) served with fresh rolls and a green salad R75 R95
2018-11-16 Grilled pork ribs served with a potato salad and a beet salad R75 R95
2018-11-19 Chicken, pesto, spinach & artichoke bake served with baked potato & corn on the cob R75 R95
2018-11-20 Grilled pork chops with a honey mustard sauce served with baked sweet potato and summer veggies R75 R95
2018-11-21 Roast beef with gravy served with roasted butter & herb new potatoes and a dried peach salad R75 R95
2018-11-22 Creamy chicken, broccoli & leek pasta served with crispy rolls and a raddish salad R75 R95
2018-11-23 1/4 chicken leg in spicy lemon & herb served with a potato bake and lemon zucchini R75 R95
2018-11-26 Chicken schnitzels with a cheddamelt sauce served with potato wedges and a cucumber & dill salad R75 R95
2018-11-27 Beef meatball tagine served with vegetable couscous and a vegetable salad R75 R95
2018-11-28 Traditional hake fillets with a lemon & herb sauce served with savoury rice and steamed broccoli R75 R95
2018-11-29 Chicken lasagne served with a cauliflower salad and a citrus salad R75 R95
2018-11-30 Three cheese and smashed avo beef burger served with sweet potato wedges and green salad R75 R95