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Date Description Ladies Price Large Price
2018-01-08 Chicken breast topped with a creamy cheese bacon sauce, served with roasted sweet potato and steamed broccoli R74 R94
2018-01-09 Swedish meatballs served with flavoured cauli rice and roast summer veg R74 R94
2018-01-10 Parmesan crusted baked hake with tartar sauce, served with roasted sweet potato slices and steamed gems R74 R94
2018-01-11 Grilled chicken breasts with a pepper sauce served with a vegetable bake and a green salad R74 R94
2018-01-12 Pork belly in jus served with cauli herb mash and almond green beans R74 R94
2018-01-15 Grilled steak with a mushroom sauce served with a mediterranean cucumber salad and roasted sweet potato wedges R74 R94
2018-01-16 Chicken, bacon and spinach zucchini pasta topped with parmesan, served with crunchy cauliflower and a green salad R74 R94
2018-01-17 Lemon & rosemary crusted hake served with lemon butter cauli rice and green beans R74 R94
2018-01-18 Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with peppadews and mozzarella served with roasted sweet potato and steamed baby marrow R74 R94
2018-01-19 Hawaiian Beef burger (No bun) served with coleslaw and zucchini salad R74 R94
2018-01-22 Grilled chicken breast topped with a creamy sundried tomato sauce served with baked sweet potato and sauteed green beans R74 R94
2018-01-23 Salmon and hake pasta bake served with cheesy cauli trees and parmesan brussels sprouts R74 R94
2018-01-24 Pork steaks with a honey mustard sauce served with mixed roasted veggies and a cucumber salad R74 R94
2018-01-25 Chicken and eggplant parmigiana served with sweet potato rounds and a butternut and feta salad R74 R94
2018-01-26 Grilled steak with a madagasca peppercorn sauce served with roasted parsnips and kale salad R74 R94
2018-01-29 Mediterianan beef zucchini pasta with olives and feta served with patty pans and a greek salad R74 R94
2018-01-30 Spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken breast with a creamy mushroom sauce served with caprese skewers and steamed broccoli R74 R94
2018-01-31 Herb and lemon grilled hake served with creamy cauli mash and veg skewers R74 R94