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Date Description Ladies Price Large Price
2018-10-01 Sticky rosemary pork chops served with baked sweet potato and a greek salad R75 R95
2018-10-02 Banting beef lasagne served with brinjal pizzas and a garden salad R75 R95
2018-10-03 Indian chicken curry served with broccoli rice and oven veggies R75 R95
2018-10-04 Beef trinchado with olives & feta served with cauli rice and creamed spinach R75 R95
2018-10-05 Grilled chicken fillets topped with sundried tomato pesto & mozarella served with basil infused mashed pumpkin & crunchy summer veg R75 R95
2018-10-08 Creamy chicken, pea & leek zucchini pasta served with a vegetable salad and a rocket, apple & dried fruit salad R75 R95
2018-10-09 Grilled Fish & sweet potato wedges with tartare sauce served with crunchy flavoured broccoli R75 R95
2018-10-10 Char grilled steak with a béarnaise sauce served with roasted sweet potatoes and a zucchini & herb bake R75 R95
2018-10-11 Oven baked chicken thighs topped with lemon & herb sauce, served with mashed pumpkin and a greek salad R75 R95
2018-10-12 Beef burger with bacon (No bun) topped with a cheesy jalapeno sauce served with a sweet potato bake and a green salad R75 R95
2018-10-15 Beef cottage pie with cauli mash served with creamed spinach and vegetable skewers R75 R95
2018-10-16 Chicken & eggplant parmagiana served with a pumpkin & apricot salad and baked sweet potato R75 R95
2018-10-17 Pork meatball tagine served with mashed cinnamon pumpkin and broccoli cheese sauce R75 R95
2018-10-18 Beef saltimbucco with a cheddamelt sauce served with stuffed gems and sauteed green beans R75 R95
2018-10-19 Chilli chicken & pesto zucchini spaghetti with peppadews served with cheesy cauliflower and a green salad R75 R95
2018-10-22 Cranberry & almond bobotie, served with yellow cauli rice and oven parmesan asparagus R75 R95
2018-10-23 Chicken pregos (no bun) served with crispy sweet potato wedges and a strawberry & blue cheese salad R75 R95
2018-10-24 Zucchini spaghetti & mini meatballs in napolitana served with a vegetable bake and a green bean, feta & onion salad R75 R95
2018-10-25 Chicken & mushroom stroganoff served with a cauliflower salad and traditional coleslaw R75 R95
2018-10-26 Pork ribs served with baked sweet potato and a garden salad R75 R95
2018-10-29 Grilled hake with tartare sauce served with a sweet potato bake and a raddish & guacamole salad R75 R95
2018-10-30 Bacon & mushroom zucchini pasta served with a cauli & broccoli tree duo and a wardorf salad R75 R95
2018-10-31 Mozarella & peppadew stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon with a creamy sweet chilli sauce served with cinnamon pumpkin and a side of spring fruit salad R75 R95